shape up with geometric designs

Geometric designs have been at the forefront of design trends this year and have the staying power to be around for years to come. The clean appearance of geometric shapes, coupled with the subconscious psychology of shapes, creates impactful graphic designs that connect with clients. To help you understand and implement this design trend in your branding, we’ll give you insight into the importance of the organization and the psychology behind the shapes. As with any design trend, it only works for your brand if it connects with your target audience!

Organization of Shapes

First and foremost, we want to start with the organization of shapes in your graphic design. While sometimes the geometric shapes will be the focal point of your design, oftentimes they are supporting figures to ensure viewers’ eyes are directed to the focal point of the graphic. Whether you need to draw attention to a photo, brand name or information, using a smart assembly of geometric shapes will help take the viewer’s eyes on a journey to what’s most important. The use of these shapes helps add order and visual structure to your brand – providing consistency and clarity to what your brand embodies.

Strength of Square

Adding squares (or any shapes for that matter) to your brand’s logo doesn’t simply change the way the logo looks, but how it’s perceived. Squares are the ultimate geometric shape if your brand needs to convey reliability and strength. The connected, strong lines portray the sense of stability and structure – ideal if your brand is offering a product that needs to be perceived as professional, well-established, and secure. A perfect example of a widely recognized square logo is American Express, communicating trustworthiness with an added opulence from the gradient of the blue background colour.

Trajectory of Triangle

Triangles are energetic and dynamic shapes that portray motion and direction. While circles and squares are more straightforward in their meaning, triangles offer flexibility with the ability to change the orientation of them in your logo. Triangles pointed upwards typically portray power, while inverted, they connect with motion. Triangles also have the ability to exude a mystical feeling. For example, think of the ancient insignias of the Celtic Druids or Illuminati. To be such a simple geometric shape, the breadth of triangles is quite fascinating. Some well-known brands are Chevron & Delta, using triangles to display innovation, stability, and direction.

Completion of Circle

Circles are one of the most widely used geometric shapes in logos and branding – and for good reason! Circles signify unity, completion, stability and wholeness. The circle also has a strong connection with nature, as it’s the natural shape of Earth, making it the ideal geometric shape for eco-conscious brands. The circle isn’t confined to only natural or earthy brands, as we said, it’s ideal if you need to evoke a sense of stability with your customer. One of the longest-standing and widely recognized brands to use a circular logo is BMW. Using this logo for over 100 years is the definition of stability!


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