Duotone colour palette for branding

Duotone and Colour Monochromatic designs have become more and more popular in recent years, and we’re loving the resurgence of this throwback. This style of branding is creative, eye-catching, and customers love it. But does it fit your brand? It’s more versatile than you may think, so if you’re looking for a style that creates impact – read on.


If your brand is edgy, forward-thinking, and creative, duotones specifically might be your answer. The best and most common example we can point to is the branding done by Spotify. Their duotones create eye-catching and visually stunning graphics for artist picks and playlists. Brighter, more neon colours for high-energy playlists, and cooler, calming colours for mellow beats. The colour truly sets the mood.


Whether you’re going strictly monochromatic or using a duotone format, the use of gradients allows you to create a sophisticated and soothing effect with these palettes. This is ideal for natural brands aiming to portray a calming effect with greens, blues, or yellows. The simple colour palette, combined with the soothing visual of gradients, creates a sense of harmony and is ideal for brands who want to portray this as a key part of their brand identity.


A simple palette means more time to spend on illustrations and complex graphics. The duo and monotone trend has partly been influenced by the desire to have more complex graphics in branding and design. Coupling highly detailed illustrations with a complicated colour palette can be overwhelming for the viewer. Using duo or monotone colours combined with intricate graphics is easier for the viewer to digest what they’re seeing. For the designer, this provides more time to spend on the illustration and less time on the palette. A win-win situation if you ask us!

Eye Catching

If you’re going for the wow factor – duotone and colour monochromatic palettes are certainly eye-catching. The simple palette creates a striking and strong presence for viewers. So whether you’re looking to create a futurist and edgy identity, or represent a natural and earthy brand, duotones and colour monochromatic can work in your favour.


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