Contemporary Boho is a design trend that’s become popular over the years and made its way into the top design trends of 2021, but where did it come from and how is it defined? Those are some of the questions we will address today in our aim to sum up a very diverse and ethereal design trend.

Origin Story

Bohemianism originated as a countercultural movement in the early 19th century in England. This movement was a way to describe marginalized artists, poets, and others living life away from mainstream standards. At that point in time, it was a term used to describe those who rejected cultural norms. Fast forward to the 1990s, and the term was more widely used to not only describe a way of life but a stylistic trend. This interior design and fashion trend focused on natural elements such as plants, flowers, animals, and patterns inspired by geodes. Bohemianism is still a way of life for those with wandering spirits, but the trend has manifested itself in the world of graphic design, branding, and web design with a contemporary twist.

Earthly Elements

Contemporary Boho most definitely pulls inspiration from nature. The colour palettes, textures, patterns, and common elements all originate from natural elements. An ever-present element of  Contemporary Boho designs is botanical motifs. Flowers, plants and vines create intricate backdrops or focal points of the ornate graphic designs. Other early elements make less frequent appearances, such as gemstones, horns, antlers, arrows, and floral wreaths. The use of watercolours is commonly used to soften the aesthetics of some of these elements.

Natural Colours

The colour palette of contemporary boho varies – but is true that it’s almost always inspired by nature. Metallic themes are popular, utilizing hues of gold, silver, and bronze. Jewel tones are useful when you want to add a pop of colour to graphics, such as reds, turquoise, greens, and blues. Natural, warm tones like beiges, yellows, and oranges are generally used for a calming backdrop.

Modern Twist

But where does the contemporary come in? While bohemian style is known for opulence and excess, in current graphic design, the trend is dialled back a bit – accented with clean, modern lines, fonts, and empty space. The combination of the flowery excess of the bohemian style with modern touches can result in visually stunning and appealing graphics.


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