So you’ve launched your website and opened your doors, but what’s next? To fully target your ideal demographic and start bringing in consistent sales, you’ll need to start marketing your business on social media. But even something as simple as choosing a social platform can be harder than you’d think… In order to maximise your […]

Ah, the wisdom of the crowd. While turning to a crowd for inspiration or feedback is nothing new, the Internet has given crowdsourcing the opportunity it needed to shine. Social media is now a multiplayer experience that relies on collective, thoughtful engagement, and makes it easy for businesses to engage customers, solve problems, and innovate […]

In order to gain and retain loyal customers, you have to create a seamless online experience that leaves users with a lasting positive impression of your brand. Every single touchpoint with your company plays a role in converting your customer, so each one must be faultless. A customer journey map is a visual representation of every […]