typographic chaos

Typographic Chaos might be one of the most appropriate trends for the year 2021. It perfectly embodies the chaotic nature of the past year, but at the same time, provides beauty, creativity, and inspiration. This trend breaks all the rules, and we couldn’t love it more.


For designers who really want to flex their creative muscles, experimenting with typographic chaos is an opportunity to let your artistic flair fly. Experimentation and finding new approaches beyond traditional typographic systems is a creative way to see what moves your audience. Pushing the limits of communication by testing new ways of how an audience reacts to subject matter is truly a task for the artist.

While clarity in design is imperative, sometimes it’s OK to put the cookies on the top shelf. Sometimes it’s OK to invite our audiences to reach a little. Their effort can reward them delight.” – Greg Breeding

Type Heavy

It almost goes without saying that Chaos Typography is well… type heavy! There may be photos or illustrations accompanying the type, but the chaotic nature of the typography’s design takes center stage. Whether disjointed, bubbly, 3D, or simply chaotic, the typography is the main focal point of the design, and it’s what draws the viewers in.

Breaking the Rules

The Royal Albert Hall by Alan Kitching

The Royal Albert Hall by Alan Kitching

Typographic chaos throws classic rules of graphic design and typography out the window. Breaking the rules is part of what makes this design trend so fun – opening up your creative and artistic ability to design something so eye-catching, your audience will want to take the time to pause, deconstruct it, and take it all in. Chaos typography doesn’t stick to hierarchy, grid system or legibility. You can utilize a lack of text and letter alignment, mix the order of letters and words, and generally, break the rules as you go.


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