Want to know how to be bold and not boring with your marketing? We’re sure the answer is a resounding yes, as with anyone who’s looking to elevate their online presence. With so much information being placed in front of our eyes each day, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. This month we want to take a closer look at the concept of Bold Design, what it means, and how to implement it in your marketing techniques.

What is Bold Design?

First off, bold design means a lot of different things. Bold can be your messaging, colourway, typography (or absence thereof), graphics or photography. We definitely don’t want to reduce Bold Design to simply eye-catching graphics or typography – the essence of bold design is truly captivating creatives and tactics that not only catch the eye of the user but hold their attention. Let’s dive into some examples to flesh this out.


The use of typography is an essential tactic in creating a bold design. It may mean large, bold text, delicate copy to compliment bold graphics, or the use of white space to highlight the copy you’ve written. We’ve laid out a few examples to show you what we mean.

Be Bold with Colour

Using bold colours will definitely grab the attention of viewers! Whether it’s completely overstated, like the Andy Warhol example below, or using neons paired with delicate text, colour is a fairly obvious way to be bold.

A Bold Message

The message of what your brand wants to portray can be the essence of bold. The graphic itself may be visually stunning, but the message is really what sets it apart from the rest. This is especially true of any sort of organization that works with issues of social or environmental justice.  We’ve dedicated a blog specifically to this if you want to learn more.

Before you get to the point of deciding how to incorporate bold design into your marketing creatives and tactics, you have to have a clear understanding of who your brand is. Digging deep to find out your brand’s true personality is key prior to stepping into the ideation phase of branding. After you have a clear understanding of who you are and where you want to go, then comes the fun. If you need help painting a clear picture of your brand, book a consultation with us to learn how we can guide you through the branding process!