Case Study: Whistler Public Library

We launched an extensive community engagement campaign in order to understand the needs and preferences of the Library website’s users.

We used both digital and print media components, showcasing visual concepts of the new library website in posters, social media, and print ads. Youth were engaged through classroom prize incentives.

The Whistler Public Library was pleased with the level of participation and the resulting feedback as it garnered significant insights into current online usage and the community’s needs for the new website. The new website design, navigation, and overall content was structured based on this feedback.

The website went live with a soft launch and underwent a final round of online testing and a focus group session for further feedback before the final launch.

Services Provided: Strategy Consultancy, Website Audit, Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital & Print Advertising, Market Research, Survey Creation

“Cloud9 did an excellent job of helping demystify what can be a daunting process for any organization. They helped us to build a virtual identity that helps represent who we are internally, so we’re grateful for that.”

Marketing Euphoria

[mahr-ki-ting yoo-fawr-ee-uh]

noun: a state of intense happiness and confidence one attains from
knowing their marketing is in good hands.