Camp One Planet, United Nations

Cloud9 Marketing was contracted to build and design several components for a United Nations event, Camp One Planet. The goal was to to provide an interactive space to help sustainable consumption and production (SCP) be more memorable and relatable to as wide of an audience as possible.

The interactive component took the shape of a mobile web app and companion piece to the event. The event space held several large trees with information on current efforts and programs from each of the six One Planet programmes. The web app displayed all this information, as well as multimedia content, guided and narrated tours, sharing tools and links to more information.

In addition to the interactive component, Cloud9 also designed all the information boxes around each tree as well as, several other design pieces. And finally, we travelled to New York to manage live social during the event and overall conference.

Services Provided: Social Media, Web Development, Graphic Design

About The One Planet Network

Camp One Planet was an event open to the public for the entire duration of the High Level Political Conference, from the 9th-18th July located at the UN Headquarters in New York. The event was more than 900 square feet of interactive activities, photo expositions, and information on concrete SCP activities around the world. The event was visited by more than 5000 people including delegates and world leaders.

The One Planet network is an open partnership, and countries including all relevant stakeholders and organizations are invited to join and actively engage.  The strategic objective of the One Planet network over during the period 2018-2022 is to be recognized as the lead mechanism to support and implement the shift to sustainable consumption and production patterns, contributing as an effective implementing mechanism of Goal 12 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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