Skin Focus

Skin Focus worked with the Cloud9 team to bring their vision to reality. Dr. Dawn Gareau, a long-time and well-respected Naturopath and Anti-aging specialist opened her new Clinic in Squamish in 2019. Cloud9 worked with Dawn to create a brand that would embody a high level of professionalism yet convey a boutique feel with a customer focus.

Services Provided: Web DevelopmentBranding & Identity, Copywriting

About Skin Focus

Skin Focus offers regenerative therapy and anti-ageing solutions for patients in the Squamish, Whistler and the surrounding Sea to Sky Corridor.

Dr. Dawn Gareau has a passion for helping you feel great and look amazing by enhancing your natural beauty. Skin Focus uses only the safest and most advanced therapies to improve skin health and overall wellness. Treatments include dermal fillers, platelet rich Plasma for skin/hair/joint regeneration, botulinum toxins, micro-needling, micro-current vitamin facials, acne, pigmentation, and aging skin protocols.

Marketing Euphoria

[mahr-ki-ting yoo-fawr-ee-uh]

noun: a state of intense happiness and confidence one attains from
knowing their marketing is in good hands.