MEND Health + Wellness

Britt Leeworthy, Registered Massage Therapist and Owner of MEND Health + Wellness worked with Cloud9 Marketing to rebrand her business and make sure that it stood out among other RMT and health and wellness businesses in Whistler.

We worked with Britt to develop a unique brand name and modern look and feel. We ultimately landed on the brand “Mend” and we love it. It’s edgy and contemporary but conveys perfectly what they offer.

Services Provided: Web Development, Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing Strategy

Virginia and Cloud9 are incredible at helping you to see what it is that you want to create and then creating it for you! Exceeding expectations every time. Highly recommended!

About MEND

MEND Health + Wellness located in Whistler Village offers Massage Therapy with a focus on sports performance and recovery, injury rehabilitation, mental-emotional stress + tension patterns, and pre/postnatal care.

Working to help you move better, feel better, and live better.

Marketing Euphoria

[mahr-ki-ting yoo-fawr-ee-uh]

noun: a state of intense happiness and confidence one attains from
knowing their marketing is in good hands.