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Tim Ornell

Real estate agent Tim Ornell was changing to a new brokerage and saw it as a great opportunity to update his website, increase his online presence and establish his brand as the “Ornell Group”. Tim’s current website was out of date and did not convey the level of quality needed to reach his desired clients who were seeking homes at a higher price point. Additionally, Tim’s YouTube channel, Coffee This Morning, was not featured on his website.

Cloud9 Marketing redesigned Tim’s website with a more affluent target market in mind, with large, visually appealing images and a clean, simple layout. The new website prominently features Tim’s YouTube channel, as well as his social media posts and updates. Since launching the newly redesigned website, Tim has seen increased traffic to his website, a spike in his YouTube video views, and increased leads.

Services Provided: Web Development, Search Engine Optimization.

“5 stars all around. Service was fast, responsive and designed the website even better than I imagined.”

About Tim Ornell

Tim Ornell is a real estate agent operating in the Minneapolis/St. Paul’s area who specializes in working with buyers and sellers in the higher end of the market. Tim also shares his real estate knowledge via his YouTube channel, Coffee This Morning.

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