Swingin' Doors Cafe - Cloud9 Branding Project

Swingin’ Doors Cafe

Swingin’ Doors Cafe is a new food & beverage establishment set to open in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Mike & Tara contacted Cloud9 Marketing to develop their branding and identity. They requested the logo look “honkey-tonk” but with some flare. They were very pleased with the end result.

Services Provided: Branding & Identity

“Omg it is exactly what we want!!! Whooo hoo! I have tears! It is perfect.. we are loving it! Can’t believe how perfect it is.. you rule. Thank u.”

Mike & Tara GuildOwners, Swingin’ Doors Cafe

About Swingin’ Doors Cafe

Hailing from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan – Swingin’ Doors Cafe is a soon-to-be-opened dinner-style cafe with live music and some of the best food money could buy.

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