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Currently,  there are countless websites with more to come tomorrow, the day after that, and so on. If you want to create a successful website, you’ll need to pull out all the stops to catch the attention of online visitors. This includes having a great domain name as well. It’s 2019, and a lot of the catchiest names have probably been picked. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a domain name that will never be forgotten.

Go Beyond a Single Word Domain Name

One thing that popular brands like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo have in common is that they all have single word domain names. Don’t pressure yourself in trying to create something similar, as shorter isn’t always better. People would choose a long and catchy domain name over one that is short but easy-to-forget.

Here’s the deal:

Try using a phrase as a domain name. If you are starting a food blog, go with something catchy like “” or “TheFoodie’” What’s great about taking this approach with your domain name is that you’ll be able to immediately project what your website is about. It’s also easy to remember these phrases once your viewers have associated themselves with it.

…Or Stick With Tradition

While long domain names work, sometimes shorter is indeed better. One challenge when using short, single-word domain names is that you won’t be able to let visitors know what your website is about straight away. On the bright side, short domain names are easier to remember and are very catchy when done right.

Stick With Well-Known Domain Extensions

A domain extension is a word at the end of your domain name that starts with a “.” There are many domain extensions available, and there are some that are more fitting for certain types of websites. It’s best for you to stick with some of the most well-known extensions such as .net, .info, and the ever-reliable .com.

Also, avoid using unique or uncommon domain extensions, as these might lead visitors to believe that your website is suspicious or is a threat to their cybersecurity.

Most importantly, you should use a domain extension that’s appropriate for the type of website you are running.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Some Help

When all else fails and you still have to come up with a good domain name, get some help from your friends. Alternatively, you can use this domain name generator to find a name or quite possibly some inspiration for what your website should be called. By putting in the nature of your business in this platform’s text bar, you’ll be able to get a list of available and appropriate domain names.

Some web owners say that the hardest part of starting a website is picking a domain name that will stick with the audience. However, if you exert some time and effort into this process, you will benefit from it greatly. Don’t rush this process if you don’t want your website to drown in the vast ocean that is the internet.

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