Video Mistakes You Might Be Making

It’s no secret that videos are trendier than ever. From hilarious cat videos, to live news on your smart phone, our society is in love with videos. Embracing film as part of your marketing strategy can drastically improve your reach. We are all for video content because we know how powerful it is, when it’s done right that is. Whether you are gearing up to incorporate video into your marketing strategy or already have it implemented, these considerations for a successful video are key.


Whatever your concept is, make it clear in the first 8 seconds. The first couple of seconds are when the viewer decides if it is appealing or not. This is your do or die window for their attention. Reflect on what audience you are trying to reach and what you are trying to say about your brand, this is your time to shine.


Finding the balance between being clear about your product or idea and drowning people in it can be tricky. The goal with any video is to make a lasting impression and call the viewer to action. You want them to remember your brand, and dig a little deeper on their own free will. It’s about creating engagement from the viewer. Rather than spill all the beans, lead them on with excitement and have all the info they’ll be craving ready in another video, or written on your website and point them in that direction.


Everyone needs more feedback. Ask strangers in your target audience what they think about your video. Outside sources are best for feedback as your team, family and friends will have a bias.

Call to Action

As mentioned in overselling, each video needs to call the viewer to some kind of action. The call can be just to create curiosity, generate a referral, get a free quote, how to use your product and so on. Maybe all you are trying to do is get them to like your Facebook page, whatever it is, make sure it is clear in your objectives before and after the video is created.


A few things can make a video boring. If it is too long, it’s boring. If the concept isn’t portrayed in an engaging way, it is boring. If the people in the video are, well boring, it is of course going to be a boring film. Spending a couple of extra bucks to hire someone to film and act in your video could make all the difference. This is something you’ll need to weigh out for yourself, but if you were planning on using Larry, the monotone receptionist as your lead star, maybe rethink that one.


Now that you’ve created your perfect video, don’t let it go to waste! Placement on your website should be front and center. On YouTube it should be on your own channel which will eventually have more videos to fill the auto play, this will keep your target audience much more excited about your company as there is even more material for them to view. Be sure to cross post on other outlets like Vimeo and Facebook. If you choose to do paid advertisement with your video choose the sites that will appeal to the right demographic, and again watch placement of where your video will be on each page that you are paying for.

We can’t say this will make video-making fool proof, but it is a step in the right direction. When creating or perfecting your video content keep these helpful hints in mind. If you are interested in video marketing but don’t know where to start, check out Cloud9’s video production & marketing services.

using video for business

Some food for thought: according to Brainshark, video will account for 74% of all internet traffic by 2017.

That’s a lot of video.

There’s something about the format that entices people to click, watch, and share (provided, of course, that the content and production quality is top-notch). Videos can do a lot for businesses: boost SEO, increase traffic, generate sales, connect to the target market… the list goes on.

In short, videos are good news for business – but how can you incorporate them into your business?

We’re glad you asked.

Show What You Do

Sure, you could tell people about what it is your business does – or you could show them. Video lets prospective customers see your product (whether it’s a good or service) in action. You can highlight features, demonstrate how it works, and show why people need what you’re selling.

Introduce Yourself

Wouldn’t it be great to personally introduce yourself to every existing and potential customer within your target market? Video is the next best thing: it puts a name to the face and shows viewers who is behind the business, helping build trust and rapport. Chances are pretty good that it’s the people that really make your business. Make sure customers know who those people are.

Explain Your Expertise

Prove to viewers that you know your stuff. Make videos to address industry news, to explain how complex components of your business work, or to give forecasts of where you think the industry is headed. This type of video can help build your reputation as a knowledgeable professional in the field.

Go Behind the Scenes

Most of your clients have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, so show them! Film what goes into developing your product – the inputs, the people, the processes, etc. Use video to show how your business creates value for your customers in a fun, dynamic way.

Provide Support

Raise your hand if you’ve ever YouTubed for help on how to do something, like how to change your headlight bulbs or how to open a bottle of wine with a shoe. A lot of us do this – so create videos to help people with your product. Use videos to help users troubleshoot common issues, to address frequently asked questions, or to show unique ways of using your product. Give them the solutions they crave.

Tout Your Testimonials

Got happy customers? Share it! Incorporate videos of your clients using your product. Prospective customers are keen on checking reviews – just check TripAdvisor, Yelp, or any other review site. Harness your satisfied clients to get even more customers.

Videos that Go Beyond You

Not all videos have to be about you and your business – it can be equally powerful to share videos that are related to your business. For instance, a ski shop might share a video clip from a ski film, ski-related viral videos, or shock-factor avalanche clips. Keep it targeted and interesting to your customer base.

Deliver News

Think beyond the press release and create a video to share exciting news about your business. Won an award? Hired someone awesome? Created something new? Show, don’t tell!


We want to help you create videos to help you take your business to the next levels. Get in touch with us – we’ve got some big ideas for you!