Christmas lights on top of a pavilion in Whistler Vilalge during winter snow

As snowflakes grace our mountainous haven and the festive season draws near, businesses anticipate a harmonious fusion of winter wonder and holiday joy. At Cloud9 Marketing, we specialize in elevating your endeavours through Whistler holiday marketing, ensuring your business seamlessly embodies the distinctive spirit of our mountainous paradise. Embark with us on a journey to master the art of holiday marketing, uniquely crafted for businesses nestled in the heart of Whistler.


Whistler Village in winter with snow and christmas lights

Setting the Stage for Success

In our local context, goal-setting takes on a special significance. Whether you run a ski gear shop, a cozy café, or a tour guide service, clearly defined objectives are crucial. Do you aim to draw in more tourists to the slopes, enhance the experience for our residents, or both?

We encourage early planning, aligning your goals with the unique spirit of Whistler. The earlier you start, the better you can synchronize your campaigns with the rhythm of the Whistler community.


Family enjoying coffee and treats in a cozy cafe under christmas decorations


Example: A ski gear shop could set goals to attract both tourists and locals, planning promotions around community events. Similarly, a cozy café might strive to be the preferred local spot for holiday gatherings, weaving its promotions into the fabric of community festivities.

Crafting Compelling Holiday Content

Whistler isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience. Our holiday marketing strategy revolves around storytelling that captures the essence of our mountain paradise. Your business should aim to craft narratives that resonate with the thrill of the first snowfall and après-ski warmth, embracing Whistler holiday marketing to captivate your audience and make your business the heart of festive celebrations.


Peak to Peak Gondola Whistler going over a skiier in a red jacket


You’ll want to Invest in visually stunning content that showcases your business against the backdrop of our picturesque landscapes. And here’s the secret sauce – encourage our vibrant community to contribute! Let user-generated content (UGC) become the heartbeat of your holiday narrative.


Example: The ski gear shop could tell stories of crafting the perfect ski set against Whistler’s backdrop. Meanwhile, the café might create visually appealing content and encourage user-generated photos of customers enjoying holiday treats.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Whistler’s social media scene is as diverse as its slopes. Facebook becomes a communal fireplace, where businesses can engage with both locals and visitors alike. Instagram transforms into a visual gallery, displaying the magic of our winter wonderland.

Twitter (X) is our real-time communication hub, connecting businesses with the pulse of the community. And let’s not forget LinkedIn for those B2B connections that make our local economy thrive. As a full-service creative agency, we also recommend developing strategic paid advertising campaigns on these platforms, amplifying your presence amidst the festive noise.


Lady holding a mobile phone with social media icon bubbles floating up


Example: The ski gear shop can use Facebook to promote local events, Instagram for captivating imagery, Twitter for real-time updates such as announcing fresh powder conditions and LinkedIn for B2B collaborations. Meanwhile, the café can leverage Instagram for visually appealing posts, showcasing seasonal specials like a decadent peppermint mocha, and Twitter (X) for real-time updates on live acoustic performances or other evening events.

Analyzing and Optimizing Your Strategy

In a town where the rhythm of winter beats in sync with our community’s heartbeat, analytics are your compass. Dive into metrics that matter locally. Look at website traffic from potential tourists, engagement from our close-knit residents, and conversion data that reflects the success of your campaigns.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of interpreting these metrics through a local lens. You need to understand what resonates with Whistler’s diverse audience and optimize your strategy in real-time. Be agile, be adaptive, and let your holiday campaigns dance with the rhythm of our unique mountain town.

Example: A tour guide service can analyze website traffic for optimized winter tour packages. A café can track social media interactions to adapt its menu, while a ski gear shop can use conversion data for strategic inventory planning.


Two people riding snowmobiles wearing winter gear on a clear day


As we conclude this comprehensive guide tailored for local businesses in Whistler, we invite you to infuse your holiday campaigns with the spirit of our mountain haven. May your goals be as lofty as our peaks, your stories as captivating as our landscapes, and your social media presence as vibrant as our community.


Apply these insights to your holiday marketing, and let the magic of Whistler’s winter transform not just your business but the entire town into a festive, prosperous haven. If you need help with your Whistler Holiday Marketing, reach out to our team and Book a Consultation. Happy holidays from Cloud9 Marketing!

Snowy mountain valley at dusk with pine trees covered in snow and beautiful purple coloured clouds

Winter is upon us, and for businesses in Whistler, it’s a season of both excitement and challenges. As the snow blankets this picturesque region, adventure seekers and travellers flock to the mountains, seeking thrills and unforgettable experiences. But how can your business stand out in this winter wonderland? How can you navigate the snow-covered path to success? In this article, we’ll explore 5 strategies to snow-proof your business and make this winter in Whistler truly remarkable.


1. Elevate Your Digital Presence for Winter

Whistler transforms into a winter wonderland during this time of year, and your online presence should reflect that. Picture your website as a cozy cabin inviting visitors to experience the magic of the season. Update your website with winter-centric imagery, highlight your seasonal offerings, and ensure a seamless mobile experience. Let’s make sure your online welcome mat is ready for the winter rush!

Desktop computer on a desk with a chair and a coffee cup and a desk palnt

2. Navigate the Snowy Path with Local SEO

Much like preparing for an exciting mountain expedition, gear up your website with strategically chosen keywords and robust local SEO tactics. Just as a well-marked trail leads adventurers, optimize your online presence to guide your target audience directly to your establishment. When winter enthusiasts seek services in Whistler, ensure your business shines on the virtual map, standing out like pristine powder after a snowfall. Let local SEO be your compass, directing eager customers to your doorstep!


3. Craft Tempting Winter Promotions

As the winter wonderland embraces Whistler, entice your audience with promotions designed to encapsulate the magic of the season. Develop irresistible winter-themed experiences, such as après-ski gatherings, guided winter adventure tours, or seasonal tasting events. Showcase these experiences as the focal point of your winter promotions. Complement this with a loyalty program that rewards repeat visits, enhancing customer retention during the season. Additionally, optimize your approach with targeted seasonal email campaigns, tailoring content to resonate with your audience’s winter aspirations and preferences. Let the allure of winter guide your marketing strategies, ensuring your offerings captivate and resonate with both local and visiting patrons.


4. Spin Tales of Winter Magic with Engaging Content

Every winter season has its own unique story, and your business plays a vital role in Whistler’s winter tale. Weave this narrative through diverse and engaging content that resonates with your audience. Picture your content as a warm mug of cocoa by the fireside—inviting and comforting. Share thrilling blog posts about winter adventures, host cozy fireside chats with industry experts, run a winter photo contest to showcase community moments, and spotlight your seasonal menu offerings. Invite your audience to immerse themselves in the beauty and excitement of winter, establishing a strong emotional connection with your brand during these frosty months.


Vintage camper outdoors in the snow with people sitting around a fire

Four Season Whistler

5. Form Snowball Partnerships for Collective Success

In the spirit of unity within our community, forming meaningful partnerships can make this winter season truly exceptional. Imagine collaborating with a local ski rental shop, offering joint discounts for adventure seekers, or partnering with a nearby spa for après-ski relaxation packages. Additionally, teaming up with a neighboring café to provide exclusive coffee and dessert pairings can enhance the winter experience for your patrons. Let’s explore these collaborative opportunities, creating a snowball effect of success that benefits us all in Whistler’s close-knit business community.


A group of people smiling and collaborating over coffee and technology


As we gear up for a winter full of adventure, delight, and growth, let Cloud9 Marketing be your trusted companion on this exhilarating journey. Our team is here to ensure your business soars high and embraces the magic of the season. Let’s make this winter in Whistler one for the books!


Reach out to us at or book a consultation to get started on your winter marketing adventure.

Video Mistakes You Might Be Making

It’s no secret that videos are trendier than ever. From hilarious cat videos, to live news on your smart phone, our society is in love with videos. Embracing film as part of your marketing strategy can drastically improve your reach. We are all for video content because we know how powerful it is, when it’s done right that is. Whether you are gearing up to incorporate video into your marketing strategy or already have it implemented, these considerations for a successful video are key.


Whatever your concept is, make it clear in the first 8 seconds. The first couple of seconds are when the viewer decides if it is appealing or not. This is your do or die window for their attention. Reflect on what audience you are trying to reach and what you are trying to say about your brand, this is your time to shine.


Finding the balance between being clear about your product or idea and drowning people in it can be tricky. The goal with any video is to make a lasting impression and call the viewer to action. You want them to remember your brand, and dig a little deeper on their own free will. It’s about creating engagement from the viewer. Rather than spill all the beans, lead them on with excitement and have all the info they’ll be craving ready in another video, or written on your website and point them in that direction.


Everyone needs more feedback. Ask strangers in your target audience what they think about your video. Outside sources are best for feedback as your team, family and friends will have a bias.

Call to Action

As mentioned in overselling, each video needs to call the viewer to some kind of action. The call can be just to create curiosity, generate a referral, get a free quote, how to use your product and so on. Maybe all you are trying to do is get them to like your Facebook page, whatever it is, make sure it is clear in your objectives before and after the video is created.


A few things can make a video boring. If it is too long, it’s boring. If the concept isn’t portrayed in an engaging way, it is boring. If the people in the video are, well boring, it is of course going to be a boring film. Spending a couple of extra bucks to hire someone to film and act in your video could make all the difference. This is something you’ll need to weigh out for yourself, but if you were planning on using Larry, the monotone receptionist as your lead star, maybe rethink that one.


Now that you’ve created your perfect video, don’t let it go to waste! Placement on your website should be front and center. On YouTube it should be on your own channel which will eventually have more videos to fill the auto play, this will keep your target audience much more excited about your company as there is even more material for them to view. Be sure to cross post on other outlets like Vimeo and Facebook. If you choose to do paid advertisement with your video choose the sites that will appeal to the right demographic, and again watch placement of where your video will be on each page that you are paying for.

We can’t say this will make video-making fool proof, but it is a step in the right direction. When creating or perfecting your video content keep these helpful hints in mind. If you are interested in video marketing but don’t know where to start, check out Cloud9’s video production & marketing services.

content marketing

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already sold on the idea of using content marketing to benefit your business. However, you may still be looking for ways to get the most out of your content marketing endeavors.

Here are four suggestions for making your efforts more worthwhile:

1.    Post content that your customers want: You might think that you should write your blog about your business; after all, a lot of people do just that. However, you need to remember that customers really don’t care about you as much as they care about themselves. You can actually take advantage of this by providing customers with content that they want and getting their attention in exchange. You can post any type of content that you believe will help you achieve this goal. The content might be a video, a how-to article, or a detailed guide, but it should be something that will draw customers to your site and make them more likely to become interested in your business.

2.    Mainly write content that is for the benefit of your customers and only promotes your products occasionally: People are interested in reading articles that benefit them. They do not find posts that praise products particularly appealing. If you provide customers with content that they want to read 9 out of 10 times, you’re more likely to create a reliable target audience.

3.    Post “cornerstone” content on your site: This type of content is categorized and archived in such a way that customers will have no trouble finding it. It also remains valuable for extended periods of time. KISSmetrics provides cornerstone content with its marketing guides, Copyblogger provides it with a sidebar, and River Pools and Spas exemplifies it with its Pool 101 content. Cornerstone content brings you excellent ROI (returns on investment) because it benefits you over time.

4.    Look at  other sites to see the types of content customers want: Visit the websites of other business owners in your industry to get an idea of what people seem to enjoy reading. You can find out how many tweets and shares certain types of content get to figure out what is popular. You should also be aware that creating posts about Twitter or Facebook is sure to get you a lot of shares. Although you shouldn’t limit yourself to writing exclusively about these subjects, doing so on a regular basis will definitely increase traffic to your site.

Contact us to find out how Cloud9 Marketing can help you develop a solid Content Marketing Strategy.

social media marketing

What type of message does your brand send to your social media savvy customers?

Now that we are at the height of the social media age, companies can no longer succeed with such traditional top-down messages as, “We’re the best!” Nor can businesses drop out and remain silent, as Northwestern Mutual once did when it championed itself as “The Quiet Company.”

As the number of social media channels has increased, so has the importance of  communicating rapidly. Companies are now feeling the pressure to respond instantly across a variety of media platforms. They are under constant scrutiny, much like celebrities and politicians whose every move is chronicled by the press.

Companies need to decide on a captivating and consistent brand voice if they hope to market themselves effectively. If you own a business, consider these tips to start spreading your message with confidence.

#1: Determine the Personality of Your Brand

Most small businesses increase their presence organically, finding new clients and offering additional services over an extended period of time. As these companies evolve, they gain a reputation for the manner in which they handle business. Stepping back to consider the characteristics of your company’s personality is vital in determining your brand voice. Does your company come off as professional and serious, funny and laidback, or creative and edgy? You need to think about this because these traits are what bring you customers..

Here’s a good exercise you might try: Think of your company as a hotel chain or a car. Which would it be more like, a Ritz Carlton or an affordable motel? Would it be more like a Mercedes or a Prius? By thinking like this, you can define your company’s character and decide on the marketing voice that leads you to the most success.

#2: Identify Your Real Audience

It is important to remember that various audiences will react differently to the same marketing material. You need to focus on your main audience and adjust your message so that it reflects what appeals to that particular group.Your message also needs to fit well with your brand.

For example, you will want to use LinkedIn or Google+ if you are a B2B company; sending messages about your service offerings to your Twitter followers will not bring you much success. You must put your marketing efforts into the resources that are most likely to elicit a positive response.

To draw in customers, you should join forums that are industry specific and be sure to respond to threads. You don’t want to waste your time trying to get attention from the wrong groups of people. To find out what types of people your customers tend to be, use Facebook Insights to access the demographics.

#3: Use a Consistent Tone

In branding, there is no right or wrong when it comes to which tone you should use. However, once you adopt a certain tone, you will need to use that tone in all of your marketing efforts if you want to be successful.

For example, MailChimp, an e-newsletter company, chooses to stick with an informal tone. Whether its representatives are tweeting such messages as, “You’re most welcome, human friend. Eep eep!” or calling themselves “Pioneers in Banana Technology,” they always make sure to sound lighthearted and easygoing. Similarly, Woot! is always sure to discuss its deal of the day with wit as opposed to dull product information.

The idea is that regardless of which communication style you choose, you have to keep using it. You can’t make formal posts on your company’s Facebook page and think that it also makes sense to post funny videos through your company’s YouTube account. Such inconsistency will only drive away potential customers.

You may have more than one staff member posting to your company’s social media accounts. If this is the case, all of the staff members must be made aware of your brand’s personality and create content accordingly.

#4: Timing Really is Everything

In order to become a credible voice within your market niche, it’s important that you know when you should “speak.” If you wait too long, you’ll risk appearing out-of-touch. You can also run the risk of losing potential customers by jumping in too soon.

To stay informed, you should set Google Alerts for important subject matter relating to your industry.  That way, you’ll be ready to post commentary as soon as it becomes appropriate to do so. Google Alerts only take a few seconds to set up and send updates to your email daily or weekly. Having access to these updates will help you avoid communicating too rarely or too often.

If you contribute regularly to your media platforms, customers will get the impression that your business is running smoothly. If you do not do this and only post every few months, customers will think less of your company.

You should also keep in mind that it’s not always a good idea to post on social media sites just for the sake of writing something. You need to become familiar with a topic of conversation by reading through the feedback and comments before engaging yourself; otherwise, you might appear uninformed.

#5: Practice Makes Perfect

To become confident about your brand, you should practice using your brand voice by posting articles on your company’s blog. These articles will help your business by showing readers your expertise.

You can submit your best blog posts to article directories to spread your message further. You can also inquire about becoming a contributing author for other blogs and publication sites to increase your exposure. In addition, a few good social media posts can do a lot to make your voice recognizable in your industry.

Being familiar with your brand personality and target audience, using a consistent voice, speaking at the right time, and perfecting your message will all strengthen your brand voice and solidify your business identity. Following these simple guidelines will make you more comfortable with your audience and help it grow. You’ll learn how to write your own words, yet speak the language that appeals to your customers.

Contact us to find out how Cloud9 Marketing can help you achieve your Social Media Marketing goals.