Whistler, British Columbia, is a breathtaking destination renowned for its vibrant summer activities. However, as the leaves change and the temperatures cool, businesses in this picturesque resort town often face the challenge of the shoulder season. But worry not, because at Cloud9 Marketing, we have compiled a list of 10 tips to help your business not only weather the shoulder season but thrive during it.

1. Diversify Your Offerings for Autumn Appeal

By offering a variety of fall-specific activities, you tap into a new market of visitors who come to Whistler seeking autumn adventures. This diversification ensures that your business remains relevant and attractive during the shoulder season.

Example: If you’re an adventure tour operator, consider adding themed fall tours that showcase the stunning fall foliage and local wildlife.

2. Flexible Hours for Extended Enjoyment

Adapting your business hours to accommodate changing daylight patterns shows that you care about your customers’ convenience. Hosting evening events extends the time customers spend at your establishment, boosting sales and creating memorable experiences.

Example: If you’re an accommodation provider, extend your business hours to allow guests to enjoy your services well into the evening.

3. Attract Customers with Shoulder Season Discounts

Discounts and loyalty programs attract cost-conscious visitors, encouraging them to choose your business over competitors. This strategy not only increases foot traffic but also fosters customer loyalty that can extend beyond the shoulder season.

Example: If you’re a local food & beverage provider, offer a “Shoulder Season Special” menu with discounted prices to entice diners.

4. Power of Partnerships

Collaborating with other local businesses creates a synergy that draws larger crowds. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, as you share marketing efforts and broaden your reach, ultimately increasing sales and brand exposure.

Example: If you’re an adventure tour operator, partner with neighboring businesses to offer bundled packages and cross-promote each other.

5. Boost Your Local Presence

A strong local online presence through social media and digital marketing establishes your business as a beloved local gem. Engaging with your audience and showcasing user-generated content builds a loyal customer base that consistently supports your business.

Example: If you’re an accommodation provider, share user-generated photos and reviews of guests enjoying their experiences at your establishment on social media platforms.

6. Optimize Your Online Presence

An updated and user-friendly website enhances the customer experience. It makes it easy for potential customers to find your business, explore your fall offerings, and make bookings. This optimization directly impacts your online visibility and revenue.

Example: If you’re a local food & beverage provider, ensure your website is easy to navigate and allows for online reservations.

7. Sustainability as a Selling Point

Promoting eco-friendly practices aligns with Whistler’s values and attracts environmentally conscious travelers. Highlighting your sustainability efforts not only differentiates your business but also resonates with a growing market segment seeking responsible choices.

Example: If you’re a local food & beverage provider, emphasize the use of locally sourced, sustainable ingredients in your offerings.

8. Elevate Service Quality

Exceptional service not only encourages repeat business but also leads to positive word-of-mouth referrals. Satisfied customers are more likely to become brand advocates, spreading the word about your business and driving new customers through your doors.

Example: If you’re an adventure tour operator, train your guides to provide exceptional service and engage with customers to create memorable experiences.

9. Smart Budgeting for Stability

Strategic financial planning during the busy season ensures that your business remains financially stable during the shoulder season. You can confidently cover operating costs and continue delivering quality services, preventing any dips in customer satisfaction.

Example: If you’re an accommodation provider, allocate a portion of your summer season revenue to create a buffer that can cover operational expenses during the shoulder season.

10. Plan Ahead for Ongoing Success

Planning for the future ensures that your business stays competitive and relevant year after year. Market research and innovative strategies keep you one step ahead, ready to seize new opportunities and overcome challenges in Whistler’s ever-evolving landscape.

Example: If you’re a local food & beverage provider, conduct customer surveys during the shoulder season to gather feedback and insights, which you can use to enhance your offerings for the following year.

To sum it up, Whistler’s shoulder season is not a challenge to be feared, but an opportunity waiting to be seized. With these 10 invaluable tips, your business can not only weather the seasonal shift but also flourish during this distinct period. At Cloud9 Marketing, we stand ready to be your partner on this journey to success.

So, are you prepared to conquer the shoulder season? Reach out to Cloud9 Marketing today, and together, let’s make this upcoming fall season in Whistler the best one yet for your local business. Your success is our mission.

mountain bikes on mountain above clouds at sunrise


  • Whistler is a top destination for adventure enthusiasts worldwide, offering diverse outdoor activities in breathtaking landscapes.
  • Challenges include effectively marketing adventure experiences, addressing safety concerns, and standing out in a competitive market.
  • Engaging the local community, crafting compelling experiences, and utilizing social media are essential for success.
  • Influencer marketing can expand the reach of adventure offerings.
  • Understanding preferences and continuous innovation can establish Whistler as the go-to adventure tourism haven.

Whistler, a picturesque destination nestled in the heart of nature, has become a magnet for adventure enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline rush. Its breathtaking landscapes and diverse outdoor activities have transformed it into a haven for thrill-seekers from around the world. In this blog, we delve into the importance of effectively promoting outdoor adventure experiences and explore the challenges faced by adventure tourism providers in attracting their target audience.

Understanding Whistler’s Adventure Tourism Landscape

Whistler stands out as a premier adventure tourism destination, offering a plethora of thrilling experiences that cater to various tastes. From heart-pounding mountain biking trails to heart-stopping snowboarding slopes, the range of activities available is truly remarkable. Tourists flock to Whistler to experience its unique blend of outdoor adventures, creating memories that last a lifetime. The region’s diverse offerings ensure that every adventure enthusiast finds something to get their adrenaline pumping.

The Difficulties in Promoting Outdoor Adventure Experiences Effectively

While the allure of adventure tourism is undeniable, reaching the right audience with the right message can be a daunting task. Identifying the target audience for adventure experiences and understanding their preferences is crucial to crafting compelling marketing campaigns. Additionally, the seasonal variations in Whistler’s climate impact the type of activities available, requiring tourism providers to be flexible and strategic in their promotional efforts.

Challenges of Attracting Adventure-Seeking Tourists to Whistler

To entice adventure-seeking tourists, Whistler must address concerns related to safety and risk management. Adventure experiences often involve an element of risk, and potential customers need reassurance that their well-being is a top priority. Leveraging digital marketing channels becomes imperative to reach adventure enthusiasts worldwide and communicate the safety measures in place, dispelling any doubts they may have.


Whistler Lifestyle Photography

Struggles in Standing Out in the Competitive Adventure Tourism Market

With adventure tourism booming, the competition in Whistler’s market is fierce. Tourism providers must conduct thorough competitor analysis to understand their rivals’ strategies and identify gaps they can fill. By offering unique adventure packages and experiences, businesses can create a compelling selling proposition that sets them apart from the crowd. Collaborating with local businesses not only fosters a sense of community but also opens up new avenues for mutual growth and customer acquisition.

Lack of Strategies to Capture the Attention of Local Thrill-Seekers

While Whistler attracts tourists from all corners of the globe, engaging the local community is equally important. Understanding the preferences of local adventure enthusiasts and tailoring experiences to resonate with them can lead to a loyal customer base. Challenges may arise in enticing locals to participate in adventure activities, as they might perceive these offerings as catering primarily to tourists. However, community engagement initiatives that promote the benefits of adventure tourism can bridge this gap and create a sense of pride among locals.

Crafting Engaging Adventure Experiences

To remain competitive, adventure tourism providers must design experiences that genuinely resonate with their customers. By incorporating storytelling elements and personalization, providers can forge stronger connections with their audience. Furthermore, collecting and utilizing customer feedback is vital for continuous improvement, ensuring that the adventure experiences evolve to meet changing preferences and expectations.

Marketing Whistler’s Adventure Offerings

The power of social media in showcasing adrenaline-pumping experiences cannot be underestimated. By sharing captivating visuals and thrilling stories, adventure tourism providers can entice potential customers to embark on their own Whistler journey. Moreover, effective content marketing, including blog posts, videos, and guides, can establish providers as authoritative sources of adventure-related information, attracting visitors to explore their offerings.

Influencer marketing is a game-changer in the adventure tourism sector. Collaborating with influential figures who align with the brand’s values can exponentially expand the reach of adventure offerings. Authentic endorsements from these influencers can motivate their followers to seek their own adventure in Whistler.

Whistler’s adventure tourism industry holds immense potential, but it also faces its fair share of challenges. By understanding the preferences of both tourists and locals, embracing innovative marketing strategies, and continually refining adventure experiences, Whistler can overcome obstacles and establish itself as the go-to destination for adventure enthusiasts worldwide. The thrill of adventure awaits in Whistler, and it’s time to embrace the journey of unleashing unforgettable experiences in this natural wonderland.

Ah, the wisdom of the crowd. While turning to a crowd for inspiration or feedback is nothing new, the Internet has given crowdsourcing the opportunity it needed to shine.

Social media is now a multiplayer experience that relies on collective, thoughtful engagement, and makes it easy for businesses to engage customers, solve problems, and innovate on products or services. Recently Pepsi, Lego and Amazon joined a long list of savvy companies using crowdsourcing as a tool for marketing and product development – and you should too!

Whistler sees an influx of visitors over the summer, meaning now’s the time that your crowdsourcing efforts will have maximum outreach. Here’s how small businesses can benefit from crowdsourcing, and why now is the perfect time to start.

What is crowdsourcing?

Companies use crowdsourcing as a way to turn to Internet users for services or ideas, including opinions and feedback, ideation competitions, and open calls for ideas around a specific theme.

A great example of a company that has successfully used crowdsourcing for content creation is LEGO, and their LEGO Ideas Platform: Users can submit ideas for new LEGO sets, and vote on other submissions, and LEGO review and select popular submissions, and turn them into a reality. Not only does this platform support idea generation at LEGO, but it also allows them to validate the demand for those ideas.

How can crowdsourcing benefit small businesses?


You’ll have an endless audience

Traditional focus groups are expensive, intensive, and often have dominant participants that skew the entire session. Crowdsourcing, on the other hand, offers a seemingly endless supply of crowd, meaning you can reach a larger, more diverse population, and reduce the risk of participants influencing one another. You can target tourists, locals, consumers, enthusiasts, and even other local businesses, to raise brand awareness, demand validations, and tackle unsolved problems.

You’ll get immediate results, at no expense

The Internet never sleeps, and neither should your engagements. Consumers today are very keen to be involved in the companies that they buy from, so by tapping into your audience, you’ll be able to solicit immediate feedback from a passionate and engaged consumer base.

Unlike traditional focus groups, online crowdsourcing is incredibly cost-effective and often free – as no contracts are required, and you only pay for the resources you need.

You’ll get great new ideas for your company

While larger companies can afford to test and try many different services and not worry about immediate ROI, small businesses do not have that luxury. Your customers are a powerful resource capable of generating great content for your brand, and by hearing directly from them you can determine what they would find useful, and skip straight to success.

For a fresh approach to issues and problems, break up a big task into many small ones, and ask your consumers for their input. They’ll give suggestions, ask questions, and hopefully offer valuable feedback that will illuminate new marketing pathways and ideas.

You’ll increase your customer engagement

Who doesn’t love a bit of buzz around their business?

Crowdsourcing allows you to solicit engagement and simultaneously publicize your organisation. By asking your customer base “What kind of products or services that we do not currently have would you like to see us provide?” , you’ll show you care about their opinion, and you’ll spark an easy initial conversation. From there, you can continue interactions and develop a positive relationship with your consumers, who will in turn become loyal brand advocates.

We understand that summer is a busy time for local businesses, and crowdsourcing may not be at the top of your to-do list. However, crowdsourcing is an important resource to be utilized, and can help your consumers become actively engaged in the work your company does. If you have any queries, or are hoping to get started but simply don’t have the time, here at Cloud9 we would love to help. As a full-service marketing agency, we offer services across the board, including strategy consultancy and monthly social media services. You can get in contact here.


whistler local social media marketing

5 Reasons why you should use a Whistler-based Social Media Marketer if you’re a Whistler business:

1. Local Knowledge: A Whistler-based social media marketer knows the unique local insider tips and info that is valuable to visitors. Secret powder stashes, advice on cheap food, and local’s hangouts. Want to convey a reason why someone should come up for that shoulder season weekend? Maybe there’s an awesome deal on at a restaurant or a great discount on activity that only a local would know about.

2. Timely, Relevant Posts: Social media and blog posts with relevant information is key, and can really only be accomplished while in-resort. A good example: a picture of the first snowfall or a pic accompanied with the “Run of the Day” tweet. That’s a lot more powerful than a link to the weather report!

3. Local Event Coverage: Having your social media presence at the events is so much better than simply posting that it is happening! Provide your followers with up-to-the-minute photos and updates. Plus, in-resort marketers know every little thing that is happening in Whistler, not just the big signature events. “Find unique #Whistler souvenir at the Made in Whistler Artisan Market – Every Saturday!”

4. Location Tagging: It appears a lot more genuine when your social media posts are tagged with a Whistler location. Especially if your posting about mountain or weather conditions!

5. Community: Posts are more engaging within the community, tagging local businesses through developed relationships is a great way for Whistler to help support each other. Plus, social media folks in town know each other, and they constantly share content – spreading the word.

Of course, this applies to any resort or business that relies on tourism to drive business. Social media needs to be genuine in order for it to work – and a company outside of the business area isn’t going to be able to deliver a genuine local voice.

Contact us here at Cloud9 Marketing to learn more about our local Whistler Social Media Management services.