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This was an email I received from Matt Astifan about the Facebook for Brands Workshop we (Cloud9 Marketing) co-produced with him in March. Amazing results!


I love Whistler.

And that’s why when Virginia-Rae from Cloud9 Marketing asked me to host Facebook For Brands in Whistler I quickly agreed!

After the event, I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback I got at the workshop.

Not only did several people tell me it was the best Social Media Workshop they had ever attended. I had several emails from people showing me their new stats.

One person named Patrick from actually shocked me with his results.

He wrote:

“Hi Matt, I’m currently running 5 total ads and spent only $27.00 to generate all this interest…the numbers just keep going up and up! I’ve received a bunch of positive messages and no negative so far. Very encouraging for the start of my online venture! I’d be interested in knowing what you think…is this a normal response for a few $1.00 ads?”

At first, I actually thought he was doing something wrong! I was afraid he was racking up a huge bill without knowing it! So, I offered him a free online consultation to review his Facebook Ads dashboard.

I helped someone get 11,000 Fans in 3 weeks - - Gmail

The results: Gnarly.

Patrick was using the exact techniques I showed him in the Facebook For Brands Workshop and getting THOUSANDS of targeted fans for pennies!

He knew his fans’ demographics and what they were passionate about and designed Facebook Ads that engaged them.

Here is what he wrote on his wall:

I helped someone get 11,000 Fans in 3 weeks - - Gmail

Before attending the Facebook For Brands Workshop in Whistler on March 20th, 2013 Patrick had only 197 fans, today he has over 11,000!

Do you want to know exactly how he did it? Attend the Facebook for Brands Workshop in Vancouver on May 2nd and I’ll show you how. :)

It’s only been 24 hours and we’ve already sold 25% of the seats!

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