product marketing

When you have a new product, you want to make your audience interested. After the most successful product marketing campaign in history, stock prices for Apple Mac skyrocketed, with a 78.7% increase. Here is how you can successfully market a new product and how we can help you.

Tell a True Story About your Product

If you simply sell your product with benefits, features and facts and not the experience, you’re guaranteed to have a less successful marketing campaign. By telling a story, you are creating emotions that draw an audience and entice them to buy your product above your competitors.

Consider your Audience

While originality may seem like the key to success, you must be careful not to deviate from your brand. If you are a soda company, you shouldn’t use your name to market a new shampoo. Your audience will expect the shampoo to have soda features, or even taste or smell the same.

Be better than your Competitors

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you really need to think outside the box and be prepared for things to not always work every time. Nike, after many failed marketing campaigns, was the first company to use celebrity endorsements. You may be thinking that your small business can’t afford this. Being the best doesn’t necessarily mean spending the most money. Nike today are doing campaigns centred around Middle Eastern woman in sports. Think of something original and you’ll notice the results.

Market to your Existing Customers

You may remember one of the most successful marketing campaigns of the 90’s – The Got Milk? campaign. Rather than trying to make a necessary and not so interesting product into something it’s not, MilkPEP, appealed to the existing audience and created a campaign around the fact that milk is something people forget to buy.

New Brand Name from New Products

Your product doesn’t have to be marketed with the same brand name as your old one especially if it’s completely different. Instead of worrying about losing an audience you’ve already created, think of the positives. You will be able to evaluate what worked and what didn’t from previous campaigns. You can build a stronger campaign and not leave your audience confused by inconsistencies. P & G have 55 different brands including Oral-B, Febreze and Pampers!

Product marketing can be fun and exciting and when you get it right, you can quickly see massive results. Got a new product and need help devising a marketing campaign? At Cloud9 Marketing, we know what it takes to make your product stand out.