Cloud9 Squamish Chamber of Commerce #YourChamberGetsIt

Squamish Chamber


The Squamish Chamber of Commerce wanted to spread the word about their updated website, which was redesigned by Cloud9, as well as reposition the new site as the business hub of Squamish. Cloud9 Marketing came up with a cohesive marketing campaign centred around the hashtag #YourChamberGetsIt that encompassed a month-long contest with weekly prizes and one final grand prize.

Elements of the campaign included YouTube video, online advertising, social media posts and advertising, and print ads. The Squamish Chamber of Commerce was very happy with the results, which included increased exposure of the of the newly redesigned website among current and future members, an increase in the Chamber’s e-newsletter database, and an increase in website traffic.

Services Provided: Strategy Consultancy, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Video, Graphic Design.

About Squamish Chamber of Commerce

The Squamish Chamber of Commerce is the largest and oldest business organization in Squamish and supports members by providing access to affordable training, marketing opportunities, business development tools,and networking within the business community. The Chamber is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Squamish by actively supporting business, economic growth and economic diversification.

Marketing Euphoria

[mahr-ki-ting yoo-fawr-ee-uh]

noun: a state of intense happiness and confidence one attains from
knowing their marketing is in good hands.