Canadiana Man by Cloud9 Marketing Whistler

Canadiana Man

Canadian Wilderness Adventures wanted to position their organization as a true Canadian adventure company in a way that was unique and in-line with their brand.

In order to accomplish this, Cloud9 created a fictional character named the Canadiana Man to promote Canadian Wilderness Adventures’ activity offerints. This character is an “authentic” Canadian trapper who lives in the woods and who likes to tell long tails of his escapades. He claims that he has partnered with Canadian Wilderness Adventures on his search for the ultimate Canadian experience.

The campaign features videos created by the Canadiana Man for his YouTube channel, as well as a series of online ads.

Services Provided: Video Production

About Canadian Wilderness Adventures

Canadian Wilderness Adventures offers guided tours Whistler and the surrounding area. In the winter, experiences include snowmobile, dogsled, snowshoe and the famous mountain top fondue at the Crystal Hut. And summer adventures include ATV, Jeep 4×4, mountain top dining and canoe tours.

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