Web Analytics understanding your web visitors

Web Analytics are an integral part of a successful website. Detailed statistics tell you about your website visitors’ behavior. Simply put, Web Analytics are the key to understanding your visitor and accelerating continual positive online growth.

Web analytics track campaigns, site navigation patterns, Pay Per Click, SEO and ROI stats instantly. User behavior data is used to determine what is working and what is not. Research based recommendations improve user experience and conversions.

While Google Analytics is relatively easy to install and access through the Google Analytics dashboard, understanding the information and using the data to manage and improve your website takes experience.

Cloud9 Marketing offers Google Analytic set-up, reporting and ongoing data analysis with monthly actionable recommendations to improve your website’s page rank, visitation, increase conversions and more.

What Web Analytics Help You Understand:

  • Where your traffic is coming from
  • Which keywords are currently generating the most activity
  • Which pages receive the most traffic
  • How well certain areas of your site are converting
  • What impact your marketing campaigns are having on the performance of your site
  • And so much more!