Video Production

Using video to connect with customers is where the internet is headed. With video you can tell a story, simplify big ideas, engage customers, introduce yourself or products and more. Cloud9 Marketing offers full web video production as well as, video content strategy, YouTube optimization and more.

Ideal For:

  • Real estate videos
  • Website welcome or intro videos
  • Product videos
  • Activity videos
  • Tutorial or instructional videos
  • and more!

Here are some amazing facts to consider about video content:

  • OVER 90% of internet traffic is video content
  • 50% of mobile wireless network traffic (expected to grow to 66% by 2017)
  • YouTube is now 28% of all Google searches
  • Video promotion is 6 times more effective than print and direct mail
  • With proper optimization video content increases your chances of landing on Google’s front-page by 53 times
  • 60% of visitors watch video content before reading text
  • Visitors spend on average double the time on a website with a video on it

Our Video Production Services Include:

  • Digital high-definition camera
  • Industry-leading editing software
  • Studio lighting
  • Professional audio equipment
  • Teleprompter (great for first-time welcome videos)
  • Script writing and concept consultation
  • Ability to create unique and memorable logo animations and more!

Sample Video from Our AltiTube Whistler Video Series:

If you would like to find our more about video production for your website, contact us today!